Our Services​

Accountancy Services

We offer a wide range of accountancy services ensuring your organisation fulfils its statutory and legal obligations.

  • Financial statements – whether you are a limited company, partnership or a charity/not for profit we can prepare and file your financial statements.
  • Corporation tax return – most organisations need to file tax returns with HMRC. We offer tax advice and can prepare and file your tax computations and company tax return.
  • Self-Assessments – we prepare self-assessments for sole traders, high earners and directors etc; ensuring you understand what is included in your tax return and how your individual tax liability has been calculated.
  • Property Accounts – we recognise the importance of understanding the current regulations relating to property tax deductions and we want to ensure you understand how this type of income can impact your overall tax liabilities.
  • VAT Returns – we offer a VAT preparation, review and filing service.
  • Payroll – we work in partnership with a specialist payroll agency to provide our clients with the best service possible.
  • Charity Commission returns – we can complete and file your annual Charity Commission Returns.
  • Independent Reviews – we conduct year-end independent reviews on financial statements if required by the organisation’s governing body or Board of Directors. (click to below)
  • R&D Claims – we work with specialist Research & Development agencies or clients directly to prepare and submit R&D claims to HMRC.

Planning & Support​

The best way to grow and sustain your business is to plan. We work with you to develop business plans which may be needed for obtaining additional finance, attracting new investors or to establish a new strategic pathway.

System Solutions

We have a wealth of experience implementing new accounting systems. This includes:
  • New system set up – we work in collaboration with you to determine what accounting system would best suit your business needs.
  • Migration of data – whether it is your first cloud accounting system or you are moving from an existing package we can assist with the migration of your accounting data ensuring a smooth transition from one system to another.
  • Reports – we will work with you to ensure you have the financial reports you need to interpret and understand your accounting information. Click here for further information on designing meaningful reports.
  • Training – we can provide your team with the relevant training so that they can make the best use of your accounting software. We believe in enabling our clients which is not only cost-effective but also allows for a greater understanding of their business as a whole. Click here for further information on training.
  • Procedures – We can create bespoke procedural notes for you and your team to refer to once any training has been completed.

Independent Review

  • Independent Review – we can undertake an independent review for charities with a turnover under the audit threshold. Additionally, we can provide specific assurance audit reports for funded projects.
  • Internal review – we can perform the review required by the organisation’s Board or other statutory body.
  • Internal systems review – we assess the organisation’s procedures and controls and advise where there may be weaknesses which could result in business or financial risks.

Business Coaching

We use our experience and expertise to guide you in all aspects of your business, offering 1-2-1 business coaching sessions with you or individuals in your team. We specialise in helping you improve sales, manage expenditure, build and maintain client relationships, understand how to manage and motivate staff and improve your business’s financial resilience. Our sessions are bespoke, specifically tailored for you and your team.


We believe in enabling our clients and are happy to train you to ensure that you and your team can undertake in-house as many of the accounting and financial elements of your business as possible. We offer basic training in:

  • Book-keeping
  • Online accounting systems, particularly Xero and Quickbooks
  • Forecasting
  • Budget preparation

Designing Financial Reports

A key management strength is the ability to read and interpret financial information. This is greatly assisted by having clear, concise and informative management reports. We work with you to identify the key drivers for your organisation and how this key information can be extracted from your accounting systems.